Adding a New Language

Notice all language files are PHP arrays found in language folders here:

  1. At the top right of the lang folder, click the Create new file button.
  2. Find the ISO 639-1 Code for your language from here:
  3. Create a new file (using German or "de" for this example): /de/auth.php
  4. Copy the contents of the matching English (or other language file you can understand), for example:
  5. Replace the strings with the translated text.
  6. When completed, at the end of the page, give an optional description where it says "Create new file" and name your new branch (instead of yourname-patch-1) something like "german" or "translation-german" with the language you're adding.
  7. Click the green Commit new file button at the bottom and you'll arrive at the Open a pull request screen.
  8. Call the title: "German Translation" for example with the description as "WIP" or "Work in Progress"
  9. Click the green Create pull request button.
  10. Congratulations, now you simply need to navigate to the new branch you created in step 6. The link may look something like:
  11. Repeat steps 3 - 7 until all of the translations are completed. Hang in there, there's a lot of text content that makes up the panel, make sure you take breaks and come chill with the Pterodactyl team on Discord!
  12. When you're finally finished with all of them, you can then go back to the pull request on the original Pterodactyl/Panel repository and let us know that you're finished, then we can make sure nothing was missed and merge it.

Thanks for your language contributions, we know it's long and hard work and we greatly appreciate your help to bring Pterodactyl to all languages, countries, and cultures!