Transfer Exception Debugging

This article has been around since this panel was created and is designed to walk through all of the known scenarios that can cause connection issues between the Daemon and the Panel.

We were unable to connect to the main Socket.IO server, there may be network issues currently. The panel may not work as expected.

A TransferException was encountered while trying to contact the daemon, please ensure it's online and accessible. This error has been logged.

If you're seeing the errors above, your node is not showing a green heart when listing nodes, or you cannot send any commands to your servers, have a look at this list of common issues.

  • Ensure you have AdBlock disabled or whitelisted for your Panel and Daemon domains.
  • Check your browser's console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + J (in Chrome) or Cmd + Alt + I (in Safari). If there is a red error in it, chances are that it will narrow down the potential problem.
  • Make sure if the daemon is properly installed and the active configuration (core.json) matches the configuration shown under Admin -> Node -> Configuration in the Panel.
  • Check that the Daemon is running, and not reporting errors. Use service wings status to check the current status of the process.
  • Check that the Daemon ports are open on your firewall. The Daemon uses ports 8080 or 8443 for HTTP traffic, and 2022 for SFTP traffic.
  • Check that the Panel can reach the Daemon using the domain (FQDN) that is configured on the Panel. Run curl on the Panel server and ensure that it can connect to the Daemon.
  • Check your DNS and ensure that the response you receive is the one you expect. You can use nslookup and nslookup
  • Ensure that you are using the correct HTTP scheme for your Panel and Daemon. If the Panel is running over HTTPS the Daemon will also need to be running on HTTPS.
  • If you use CloudFlare make sure that the yellow cloud is disabled for your Daemon or Panel A records.
  • Stop the Daemon and run cd /srv/daemon; sudo npm start to see if there are any errors being output by the Daemon. If so, try resolving them manually, or contact us on Discord for more assistance.
  • Make sure when using the daemon behind a firewall — pfSense, OpenSwitch, etc — that the correct NAT settings to access the Daemon's ports from the outside network are setup.
  • If nothing is working so far, check your own DNS settings and consider switching DNS servers.
  • When running the Panel and Daemon on one server it can sometimes help if to add an entry in /etc/hosts that directs the public IP back to the server. Sometimes the reverse path is also needed, so you may need to add an entry to your servers /etc/hosts file that points the Panel's domain to the correct IP.
  • When running the Daemon and Panel on separate VM's using the same adapter make sure the VM's can connect to each other. Promiscuous mode might be needed.