Setting up a BungeeCord Network

This guide was written with BungeeCord in mind, but should work for Waterfall and Hexacord as well.

Setting up the BungeeCord server

The ideal setup with BungeeCord is a seperated internal network with only one access point which is the BungeeCord server. Pterodactyl provides this with Docker.
In order to create a BungeeCord network you'll have to add an allocation with which the BungeeCord server should be reachable. Add an allocation with the IP address of the node and the desired port (e.g. 25565, the default Minecraft port) to your node first.
Then create a new BungeeCord server and use the allocation you just created.

Adding servers to the BungeeCord network

All the other servers that should be part of the BungeeCord network don't require external ports. Create new allocations on the localhost IP address with some ports for the servers to use. You can also enter a port range, e.g. 30000 - 30010 which will get you 11 ports.
Now create new servers and be sure to use allocations for each of them. To add the servers to your BungeeCord network, use<port of the internal server> (not as the IP addresses of the servers to add in your configuration file.


  • Only the proxy (Waterfall / Hexagon / Bungee) has to be bound to an external IP.
  • No modifications to iptables should be done
  • all servers behind the proxy are safe.